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If success is your goal, this is non-negotiable!

There’s a two-word phrase that tends to drive all of us at Signature Canada crazy, myself included. The phrase is “No problem".  It has happened to all of us: You’re being waited on at a restaurant, waiting for your room key or enjoying a spa treatment, and as an employee is delivering some… Read more
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You like statistics...and quotes?

I did not want to just put quotes, stats and facts in an article - like those you see in social medias. Certainly not without commenting them or without giving some directions or additional thoughts. Social medias have a plethora of facts, quotations and statistics but, this time, I add a few… Read more
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Happy Employees Generate Happier Guests

Happiness is good for business, and oh so very important to the service industry. Customers do not want to give their hard-earned money to miserable employees who obviously do not like their jobs. Customers want to feel special – and it takes a happy well-rounded employee to make them feel that… Read more
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Do You Know How Each Person on Your Team Likes to Work?

When we travel to a country that has a different culture than ours, many of us spend time learning ways to communicate and connect with the people there. We might look up the meanings of common terms and access maps of key attractions.Similarly, when you first become a manager, it’s helpful… Read more
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10 Rules of a Good Job-Search

The bulk of the many emails I receive from job-seekers deal with frustrations caused from innocent errors or omissions they unknowingly make in their job-searches. Letting valuable days pass while doing nothing toward their job-search. Time — countless hours — wasted applying to far too many jobs… Read more