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A Dazzling Mural at Le Germain Hotel Montreal

Picture: Le Germain
Picture: Le Germain

Le Germain Hotel Montreal underwent yet another major makeover: the hotel’s facade has been totally revamped, and that is the least to say.

As part of the MURAL Festival of public art, Canadian artist Michelle Hoogveld created a giant mural on the front and on one side of the hotel. The work, called ‘’Dazzle My Heart’’, brings a much-needed touch of color in downtown Montreal. Before, during and after: here’s what Michelle Hoogveld had to say about that impressive gig.


Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Michelle Hoogveld decided to settle in Montreal after visiting the city back in November 2020. She remembers knowing immediately that she had to come and live in Montreal for the next few years.

It was also during that visit that the artist met the organizers of the MURAL festival who just a few days after offered her to be part of an ambitious project: to decorate the Le Germain Hotel Montreal with a huge colorful mural.

‘’They asked me if I was able to produce a design in less than 24 hours, she recalls. It was a very tight deadline, but the project was exciting. Since I love Le Germain Hotel Calgary, I was sure to love Le Germain Hotel Montreal. The challenge was unique and I knew I had to make it happen!’’

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