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Being proactive a must for an outstanding customer experience!

Proactivity is an essential part in achieving an outstanding experience for your customers. More often than not, problems or frustrations experienced by customers can be easily avoided if the company uses the method of proactivity rather than being in a reactive mode.

How many times, as a customer, have you asked yourself these questions: "Why did they not keep me informed?  Why is this issue still not resolved I have shared the information with them? Why have I not been contacted about this? "  I am sure many other examples come to your mind right now.

One of the ways to be proactive in your business, is to take the time to check what are the frustrations experienced by your customers. Once this list is compiled, establish a priority list of these frustrations and make sure that they are eliminated as soon as possible.  Not only for the next customers, but also for those who have lived these frustrations and perhaps, will come back to see you. The less experienced frustration = more satisfied customers.

Another way is to get to know your clients and ensure that you will fulfill THEIR needs and not yours. Ask them questions; ask them what they would like more of and what they would like as improvements. They are in the best position to tell you, and do not forget, as so aptly put by Ghandi "the customer is not an interruption of our work, he is the purpose of it." You can ask your questions in several ways, either by surveys or on by using interactive social media platforms. Whatever the means, the more you take the time to understand your clients’ needs and desires, the more your customers will appreciate your business and the more you will be successful.

Another little trick for proactivity is listening to your employees! They are the ones who have a direct link with the customer. They are often aware of the frustrations experienced by customers. Whether it be a matter of lack of appropriate signage, lack of information, a specialized need or just the need for advice, your employees are best suited to tell you what works well and what does not work at all. Find a way for employees to quickly communicate these elements and make sure that the problems or frustrations are resolved as quickly as possible. Your customers will be happy and your employees will thank you for making their jobs easier and more enjoyable. Better manage happy customers and happy employees then constantly manage frustrations!

Nothing prevents you from also contacting your customers to simply verify that everything is ok. Why wait for them to call you when they have a problem? Contacting them by email or by phone also gives you the opportunity to say thank you to your customers, tell them they are important to you and to show them that you wish to have their "feedback". I guarantee you that the majority of people will say, "Wow, they took the time to call me to see if everything is going well and say thank you." What a great way to make people talk about your business!

Be on the lookout, be proactive, dare to be different! Being in reactive mode and simply fixing the problems are no longer enough these days!

If you already use this method, share with us your success stories, we'd love to hear them:)

Have a great week,

Alexandra Vachon

Beyond Experience