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The future of working from home: a promising balance for workers’ day to day life

As work slowly but surely starts up again across the province, the future of workers following the pandemic remains foggy. 

Some return to the office, others are staying at home for a few more weeks, and others aren’t planning on setting foot in the office for the next couple months. Covid-19 has shone a light on a new aspect of modern work life: working from home is a tool which can find its place in a wide variety of job industries. 

As summer rolls by, a question hangs in the air: to return to the office or not? As some are itching to finally leave their house and return to their colleagues (and put some distance between them and their quarantine partners), others are focusing on the pros of working from home: less unnecessary travel, less traffic, flexible hours, less distractions (now that kids are back in school, for some…)

Even though many are impatient to regain somewhat of a normal life, we have to ask ourselves: can the new normal not find a new balance that will guide us toward a more modern working system? 

Working from home might not be ideal for all, but it is for some, especially when considering the time saved on the commute, or the rise in productivity when we’re alone at home, able to focus on our tasks without outside distractions. 

I can already hear you arguing: but I have kids, but I like the idea of going to work and seeing my colleagues, but I’m gonna lose my mind if I spend one more second in my house… I get it! These aspects of your daily life are important to consider when creating a new work routine. However, it is possible to conciliate working from home and working at the office in a way that benefits everybody. 

On one hand, some companies are allowing a few employees to work from home, while others are at the office. On the other, a business can offer one or two days of working from home to its employees, while the rest of the week is spent at the office. 

Why not incorporate a more flexible model for everyone? If the weather is bad, we stay home. With a work-from-home system properly put in place, routine can continue without any major interruptions. If some prefer half a day in the office and the rest at home? Why not!

There are many upsides. Less stressed, more independent employees. If some prefer to work from home full time, it’s even possible to consider setting up the office in a smaller space, or using that free space more efficiently. 

No matter which option works best for you, the important thing is to consider that these past few months were not a waste of time. Quite the opposite! These past few weeks have given many the opportunity to try something new, and to explore what works for each person. 

The tools necessary to create a more flexible, adapted and open work environment are already available to us. Why not use this opportunity to discover the pros of working from home in a future that is slowly transitioning back to a familiar routine? 

Laurie Dumas-Ruel

Laurie Dumas-Ruel is the web editor for Hotelleriejobs as well as a fiction writer in her free time. She's worked in food service alongside tourists for years and loves to explore the different ways in which human resources and the food service, hotel and tourism industries intertwine.