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When Does the Guest Experience Start?

Think back to your last trip and the happiness, excitement and anticipation that you felt about it… Now think about when those happy feelings started.

Was it as you sat at the airport, waiting for your flight?
Or was it the moment that you landed on the tarmac in your destination?
Or was it when you arrived at your hotel, credit card in hand, ready to check-in to your room?
Or, maybe, was it the minute that you decided to take a trip… even before you decided where you'd go… or when you'd go on the trip… or what you'd do while you were there?

For most, the thrill of travel starts the minute that the decision is made to take a trip.
Since 61% of travelers book their trip approximately three to four (or more) months prior to their departure date, that gives them lots of time to be excited - and, for smart hoteliers, lots of time to make sure that the traveler's trip is the best one of his/her life.

You're probably asking yourself: how is it possible to make sure that the traveler has the best trip of their life if he/she hasn't booked with my property yet?

Good question. I'm going to tell you… right now.

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