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Ten Questions to Ask Your Team for 2019

Every fall, hotel planning committees across the nation unfurl their mass of spreadsheets and, almost in unison, undertake the usual combination of SWOT analyses and the like to derive the best possible course of action for the coming year.

It's a lengthy, grueling process, but one that can be quite rewarding if you have a vision of where you want to take your hotel. The key for the upcoming year is to plan for a gradual and continuous change, and the first step towards this is to align with your team.

As for the coming year, it is definitely not business as usual. There are disruptors lurking in the dark alleys of the travelsphere, and if you aren't careful you'll suffer from diminishing occupancies and withering group ROB.
As one potential harbinger of doom that I'm constantly reminded of, the sharing economy has already prompted all hoteliers to re-evaluate their approach. If you think that you're immune from this wave, it's time to ask your executive committee to get with the program. In this vein, I've assembled a series of ten questions that should provoke some lively conversation as well as provide a better focus for the coming year.

    1.    Who is the customer right now and who will the customer be five years from now?
    2.    Setting aside RevPAR analysis, what are we planning to grow incremental revenue - to build        
           RevPAG as they say (revenue per available guest)? In other words, can you express the revenue forecast on a total revenue basis rather than rooms-only?

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