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Peggy Fang Roe talks about the hospitality industry and helping women get a college education

For Peggy Fang Roe, Marriott International’s chief sales and marketing officer for Asia-Pacific, travel comprises a large part of her role, which covers 20 countries, 21 brands and over 550 hotels in the region.

Having devoted more than a decade to the hospitality industry and being a frequent traveller herself, what makes or breaks a hotel stay for Fang is what she likes to call the hairdryer experience. “Can you can find it? Is there is a plug near a mirror to use it? This says a lot about how thoughtfully the hotel was designed,” she says, adding that something as seemingly simple as that could make all the difference to customer satisfaction, an aspect that sits at the core of the Marriott International brand’s values.

“Our business is about creating great experiences for people and getting them to that ‘wow’ moment when they see really great service. I think everything we do is with that spirit and in wanting to achieve that,” explains US-born Fang, now based in Hong Kong.

Even before commencing her career with Marriott, Fang had enjoyed curating experiences, making hospitality the perfect industry for her. “That has always been in my DNA — whether it was hosting a dinner party or taking people on a trip. When I look back at the things I enjoyed doing most in life before I took this job, it was always those types of things.”

But it was not until a few years after business school that Fang — who has a bachelor’s degree in organisational behaviour from the University of Michigan as well as a master’s from Harvard Business School — discovered where her passion lay. “When I was introduced to Marriott and learnt more about running hotels, I became incredibly enamoured with the whole thing. I knew pretty quickly that I was going to be in this industry for a long time,” she says.

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