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Creating value

Last week in Toronto was the must-attend conference for Canadian hoteliers, the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC). A very popular once a year event to exchange with colleagues and discover what will influence the hospitality market. Big banners and small independent hoteliers had made an… Read more
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The luxury traveller

I love to travel. It’s surprising with my multiple work-related travels that I also chose it as my hobby for leisure. However, because I still work, I have limited time to vacation. This means that when I plan a trip, it is going to be a special one!What I have learned is that the travel is great,… Read more
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What is your budget?

Last week, my husband and I decided that our Christmas gift this year would be a one-week vacation in the sun. So, one evening we stopped at our local travel agency for advice and possibly book our vacation. We were quickly greeted by an agent and as soon as we sat down she started asking questions… Read more
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To all managers!

Truth be told, if you don't help your staff hone their skills they'll keep coming to you for answers instead of finding their own solutions. But when you're swamped with your own work, how can you make time to coach your employees and do it well?If you are a manager of people, I bet I can describe… Read more