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The importance of your attitude towards your customers !

This week, I am taking the time to speak to the front-line employees. I chose to talk about the importance of your attitude towards your customers because you are an integral part of the company you work for! You have the power to make a difference for your customers every day! You are the best ambassadors that the company can have! But you cannot do this if your attitude is not positive.

Yes, executives, managers and supervisors also have a responsibility to ensure an outstanding experience to customers and employees, but you have the responsibility to provide customers with impeccable customer service while using your authenticity to create interactions and a memorable moment.

I cannot ignore the importance of your attitude towards your customers and the colossal impact that a negative experience can have, both for you and the entire company. Indifference and a negative attitude do not have a place in customer service. If you have chosen to work in the customer service industry, and yes it really is your choice, you have the responsibility to serve your customers in an exceptional manner every time. Whether they are the first client or the last client of the day, they must feel that they are important for you and you will take the time to serve them with a smile and a positive attitude, which will make them remember and you want to come back. Customers are the reason you have a job, without them, there would be no business and therefore no job for you.

 Hence the importance of taking care of them and all the small details attached to it.

As stated so well by my friend and speaker, Sylvain Boudreau, in his lecture Me Inc., the method "onstage / off stage" is crucial and should be part of your daily life when you work in the customer service industry. Once you have taken the time to put on your uniform or work clothes, look in the mirror, is your uniform properly worn? Everything is in place? Now smile and before opening the door to enter the client environment, remember that you are now on stage, just as an actor would! You represent the company you work for, be proud of the image you project, for you and for the customers. Positive, positive, positive, it’s a much nicer place.

Think about the experiences you have had as a customer, would you not prefer to be served by someone who is smiling, friendly, courteous, attentive and professional? Few people like to be served by someone who is in a bad mood, which is indifferent, which is cold and non friendly, so what will you choose? To serve your customer as you would want to be served, or to be grumpy? ;)

95% of the letters that companies receive from customers talk about people! They talk about the people with whom they interacted before even talking about the product. Why? Because we are dealing with humans and humans love and need to be understood, recognized and appreciated. But beware; a letter can be either positive or negative. I'm sure you would prefer to receive a positive review from your employer! And I am not even speaking yet about all the impact social media has these days. A dissatisfied customer speaks to at least 10 people around him, but this has grown significantly with social media. Believe me, the company you work for pays a particular attention to all of this.

You have the chance to make a difference, to change the perception of the customer, to transform a situation that is not the fault of the company and turn it into a memorable moment for the client. You have the opportunity to become a service hero, a star, choose the term which you like best, use your uniqueness, your passion, your smile, your compassion to create interactions which customers won’t forget. Believe me, not only will your clients and your employer appreciate it, but you will have much more fun and better work days in a positive environment :)

PS If you have not yet seen the conference "Me Inc." This is a must see! Sylvain Boudreau will not leave you indifferent and you will understand the importance of a positive attitude in both your professional and personal life. www.moiinc.ca

Have a great week, do not forget to make a difference and if you wish, share them with us.

Alexandra Vachon
Beyond Experience