Finding a job post Covid-19: standing out from the sea of applicants

The current employment climate is one that leaves many in the dark, unsure what the next step is. Many have been laid off following repercussions from Covid-19. If you're reading this article, you're probably one of them!

Whether you recently lost your job due to staff cuts or you're new on the job market, your objective is the same: to stand out from the sea of candidates that are currently in the same boat as you and desperately trying to find a job. So what are the best techniques and tools that can help your application stand out from the rest?

In a universe where the Internet allows everyone to apply for a new job in the blink of an eye, it's crucial, more than ever, to build an application that offers something different from the thousands of others out there. But how?

Plug the leak

A hole in your resume, when left unexplained, can cost you a flawless application. But fear not - it is possible to give this slack period a positive turn.

What did you do during this time of unemployment? Took a trip? Worked on a personal project? Studied? Incorporating these details in your resume allows you not only to plug the leak, but also to add more strings to your bow, and therefore add complexity to your application - in a good way! Variety shows that you can easily adapt to different situations, and that you're ready to discover new things. Your journey is unique, use it to your advantage!

Apply a second coat of paint

When did you last update your resume? Other than adding a short sentence to describe your last job experience? With online tools now easily available, your resume itself becomes a visuel tool that allows you to stand out and catch the eye of a possible employer.

Add color. Use fonts and styles to your advantage. Make it dynamic! Using platforms such as https://www.canva.com/create/resumes/ or https://www.kickresume.com/en/help-center/graphic-designer-resume-sample/ can serve as a good starting off point to create a tool that is as attractive as a master's degree. Kind of. Think of your resume as a mirror for your personality!

It's easier said than done, but use a bit of creativity!

Not two boats are the same

Every job offer is different, so why use the same resume for all of them? Adapting and modifying your resume for each application can give it that spark you need to help it stand out from the others.

Whether it's reorganizing the layout, modifying the skills you put forward, or even adjusting your work experience to feature your past jobs that are most relevant, these little details can make all the difference. Taking a few extra minutes to adjust your resume for the job you're applying for ensures that you're putting all the luck on your side!

What are you waiting for? Take a look at the available job offers and dive in!

Laurie Dumas-Ruel

Laurie Dumas-Ruel is the web editor for Hotelleriejobs as well as a fiction writer in her free time. She's worked in food service alongside tourists for years and loves to explore the different ways in which human resources and the food service, hotel and tourism industries intertwine.