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Why not?

When you look at your conversion rate, what is it telling you? This rate is largely influenced by the location of your establishment. You will have higher conversion rate if your hotel is downtown and resorts would experience about 35 percent.What is important to consider is why they are not… Read more
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Opportunities to grow your business

We wrote this article for Rental Management Magazine. Yes, it touches the rental industry, but you will quickly see that it applies to all industries, mainly hospitality. This customer service tip of the month is worth the read. Now that January is behind us, this may give you an idea for a… Read more
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Are the steps to attract a customer that difficult?

Let me try a breakthrough, let's say, more philosophical to the sale (or service) approach which you provide to your customers, no matter the department: restaurant, reservations, catering, etc. All these calls which you receive and all these interactions in front of customers deserve to be… Read more
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What is a team?

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" - African proverb.This week, I thought bringing to your attention some of the principles we carry in our Team Building Module.Teamwork has been a popular concept in business for many years. It seems that everywhere we go, we… Read more