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I am looking for a BUTLER AND AN ESTATE MANAGER  to fill two positions IN VANCOUVER, if not from VANCOUVER, MUST BE WILLING TO RELOCATE TO VANCOUVER.  Only one can live on property  (unless a couple) as we have only one suite for domestic help.


Butler/Estate Manager


Job Description and Primary Responsibilities

To create a Policy and Standards Manual for the use of other employees and contractors at each of the Employer’s properties.

  • To manage the day to day organization of the Employer’s primary residence and other properties as directed by the Employer or his designate in order to maintain high standards and efficiency as described in the Policy and Standards Manual.

  • To travel with the Employer and/or his family as requested in order to coordinate the family’s needs while away from their primary residence.

  • To act as a personal assistant to the Employer and/or his designate and their family, as well as, on occasion, their extended family.

  • To organize and work with existing staff and/or contractors for scheduling of day to day or special & seasonal projects and regular maintenance.

  • To build a Service and Maintenance Manual for each of the Employer’s properties or as directed by the Employer or his designate.

  • To manage and communicate with vacation residence and other property’s staff in order to maintain services and efficiency including when onsite at the vacation residences with or without the Employer’s family.

  • To travel alone to vacation or other properties in order to maintain, supervise or rent the vacation properties.

  • To be responsible for the marketing, contracting and working with the Employer’s accountant to collect rent to the extent that the Employer or his designate decide to rent their vacation or other properties.

  • To reside at the vacation or other property as determined by the Employer or his designate in the event that they are rented to a third party and serve the tenants in the capacity of a butler.

  • To schedule and supervise the installations or alterations with trades and vendors at any of the Employer’s properties or as directed. This may entail traveling alone to those properties in order to properly supervise or check on such property.

  • To manage and monitor household and vacation property’s inventories and budgets and to ensure that they are well-stocked according to the wishes of the Employer.

  • To create and maintain primary household and vacation property manuals, calendar management and service of AV, security, mechanical systems and landscape including pools and equipment at all locations.

  • To manage staff and schedules, routines, and implementing standards and protocols to maintain service and organization at all properties.

  • To liaison with family office, accountants and other professionals or directly arrange for events, travel and appointments.

  • To directly be responsible or assist with event planning for social and or corporate style events.

  • To run errands and shopping for household goods, food, laundry and amenities at the request of the Employer or his designate.

  • To care for all of the Employer and his family’s and their guest’s clothing including laundering and ironing and steaming as required.

  • To care for all fine china, silver, crystal.
    To care for and inventory of artwork and antiques.

  • To receive - send packages and manage household mail.

  • To answer telephones, greet guests and visitors.

  • To manage vehicle cleaning, fueling and maintenance as required.

  • To prepare meals, cook, set table, serve, clean up and do laundry including hand washing if required, subject to the Employer or his designate providing regular housekeeping staff.

  • To drive and perform chauffeur services as requested by the Employer or his designate.

  • To maintain boats in all respects, and at the Employer’s request, work on the boats when Employer is entertaining guests.

  • To provide gardening and landscaping services between contractor visits as directed by the Employer or his delegate.

  • To provide swimming pool cleaning and water balance test between contractor visits as directed by the Employer or his designate.

  • Cleaning Exterior, furniture, tables, surfaces, decks and glass.

  • Minor maintenance around the home as directed by the Employer or his designate.

  • Perform turn down service in the evenings after dinner is cleaned up.

  • Annually update first aid training and any other similar course as requested by the Employer.

  • To provide the same and similar services and duties as herein described at the primary residence of the Employer’s daughter as directed by the Employer or his designate.

  • Anything else reasonably requested by the Employer or his designate.


The BUTLER should be loyal respectful of clients' privacy, be extremely patient, possess common sense,  great communication skills and manners. He should be knowledgeable in etiquette and protocol, confident and able to diagnose/ fix small problems if they arise. He must have keen attention to detail and a high level of skill and experience in managing a team and lead by example, remain always calm and be able to flexible under pressure. 
  • Must speak english 

Estate Manager
The  ESTATE MANAGER  must have a minimum, verifiable experience of 5 years and must have a full background check which will include credit, criminal, sexual and driver check. 
The ESTATE MANAGER will have significant experience working with employers who have multiple residences and have top notch skills that enable them to perform their responsibilities to the highest standards. Computer and accounting skills are required in addition to general household management skills.

  • Must speak english 

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