Room service attendant

Start date As soon as possible

Job type

Full-time Categories Hospitality, Food services, Tourism, Events, Foods, Other, Food Truck, Attractions

Essential functions of the job:


• Take orders for food and beverages from customers;

• Send orders to the kitchen or bar;

• Prepare the table-cart or cabaret that will serve the service;

• Transport orders to the guest room and perform the service;

• Ensure customer satisfaction;

• Go upstairs to pick up the dishes, carts and cabarets left in the corridors by the customers;

• Ensure the continuous supply of minibars made available to hotel guests;

• Check the inventory and the cleanliness of the minibars in each of the rooms.


Qualifications and skills required:


• Strong interest in the service;

• Bilingualism;

• Strong interpersonal skills;

• Honesty;

• Teamwork;

• Dynamism;

• neat presentation;

• A job well done;

• Available on a part-time, weekend basis.

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Room service attendant at Hôtel Place d'Armes

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