maintenance attendant

Start date As soon as possible

Job type

Full-time Category Hospitality

Reporting to the Maintenance Manager, the maintenance attendant is responsible for repairing and maintaining the equipment and appliances of the hotel.

  • Carry out spontaneous repairs in response to various breakdowns

o Carry out general repairs
o Respond to customer requests promptly
o Carry out repairs to ensure the comfort of the customer during their stay

  • Perform preventive maintenance

o Carry out interior and exterior maintenance of buildings
o Do minor painting, carpentry, plumbing, locks, maintenance and repair jobs
o Take out the trash
o Clear snow from sidewalks, pathways, emergency exits, balconies and entrances
o Enter and string the firewood
o Prepare and light fires in public areas
o Perform water treatments in swimming pools and spas

  •  Perform end of season maintenance

o Take out, install, store and maintain the equipment for the activities of each season
o Take out, arrange and put away the seasonal furniture
• Work on special projects
o Carry out minor renovations such as removing frames, ceramics, installing stringers, etc.

  • Perform transport and handling tasks

o Move the furniture
o Transport equipment between hotels by truck

  •  Perform all other related tasks

  • Collaborative Skills (1 year(s) of experience required) - Essential
  • Demonstrate disciplin and hard work in his tasks (1 year(s) of experience required) - Essential
  • Demonstrate professionalism at all times (1 year(s) of experience required) - Essential
  • Multitasking (1 year(s) of experience required) - Essential
  • Reliable (1 year(s) of experience required) - Essential
  • Resourceful (1 year(s) of experience required) - Essential
  • Teamwork skills (1 month(s) of experience required) - Essential

  • English Spoken - Average - Essential
  • French Spoken - Average - Essential

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maintenance attendant at Le Mount Stephen

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