Housekeeping Manager

Montreal, QC

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Full-time Categories Hospitality, Foods
Report to the General Manager, the Housekeeping manager organize, coordinate, control and monitor the subcontractor's activities to ensure that all locations are respected the standards of cleanliness of the hotel Faubourg Montreal.

This position requires great attention to detail, management skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with department heads, guests, and team members.
• Oversees, engages, trains, evaluates and verifies personnel under its jurisdiction by ensuring that internal regulations are respected;
• Inspects public places, both indoors and outdoors, to ensure standards of cleanliness are met;
• Supervise and motivate housekeeping staff;
• Manages the maintenance budget for product and uniform inventories and labor costs;
• Orders for equipment needed for housekeeping at the hotel;
• Attend meetings with department heads to find out their needs;
• Meeting with representatives on occasion;
• Analyzes and applies new cost-effective, timely and effective methods for improving the quality of maintenance services;
• Provides for repairs to be made in close collaboration with the technical maintenance department;
• Develops the daily schedules for room and housekeeping attendants;
• Establishes the pay report of housekeeping staff;
• Keep employee records up to date;
• Performs different inventories;
• Responsible for lost items inventories;
• Maintains control of the keys;
• Writes various memos, reports, letters and general correspondence;
• Must apply the union agreement;
• Any other related tasks.

• Must have completed hotel management training;
• Must have relevant experience in the field;
• Must have a good knowledge of the English language;
• Skill and ability to manage and direct unionized staff;
• Must be distinguished by leadership, creativity, self-reliance, confidence and ability to manage conflict;
• Must be flexible in time management

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Housekeeping Manager at Hôtel Faubourg Montréal

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