House Person

Toronto, ON

Start date

As soon as possible

Job type





 ·         Dusts all rooms and furniture.

·         Sweeps member and staff area free of garbage, debris.

·         Oversees items for recycling.

·         Disposes of all waste to outside bins.

·         Ensures waste area kept clean and orderly

·         Cleans windows, doorknobs of Clubhouse.

·         Salts icy areas of Clubhouse to ensure safety of members and staff.

·         Removes leaves via leaf blower or rake.

·         Removes snow via snow shovel or snow blower.

·         Assists with landscaping clean up.

·         Assists to maintain landscaping (i.e. flowers, raking, watering of plants).

·         Paints lines of parking lot spaces.

·         Sets up garden furniture in summer.

·         Sets up dining tables, meeting tables, chairs, etc. for private functions.

·         Clears lounges of all chairs, tables and furniture.

·         Retrieves cases of wines from the Storekeeper.

·         Brings incoming wine shipments to the Club’s Storekeeper.

·         Transports wood supply from basement storage area to fireplace.

·         Various maintenance jobs.

·         Performs other duties as assigned. 

Physical & Working Conditions:

This position requires the employee to be in reasonably good physical condition.  The employee frequently bends and lifts as well as moves bulky items such as furniture, large flower pots, carpets and a piano.  The employee operates mechanical equipment such as a snow blower, buffer, vacuum cleaner and leaf blower.  Other physical aspects include shoveling snow and climbing a 12’ ladder for cleaning and replacing light bulbs.  The employee is exposed to various weather conditions and heights. 

Duties in regard to cleaning responsibilities are generally of a highly routine and repetitive nature. You will be frequently required to reach with hands and arms, and talk and listen. You will frequently be required to walk from one location to another. You will be required to bend and lift and/or move up to ten (10) pounds and occasionally bend/lift and/or move up to sixty (60) pounds. 


Job Qualifications: 

Basic education requirement:  High school Diploma

Minimum 1 year experience in related industry

Ability to communicate effectively with members and co-workers

Possess good physical health and agility in order to lift and move moderately heavy equipment/objects.