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Dorval, QC

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Full-time Category Hospitality

The Montreal Sheraton Airport Hotel is seeking the right individual to join us as “Guest Services Leader”.

With a great guest and associate experience at the core of all we do, the right person will be involved in the evolution of a new approach to the “leadership role”, that allows us to adapt and flex continuously as we re-define, re-invent the guest experience in the face of an ever changing global market place.

Supporting the Guest Services Director, the position will be involved in all aspects of our hotel’s current and future activities.

If you think you are an evolving generalist and may be suited to our property and culture, you are invited to submit your application with a cover letter to us at

How we see this opportunity: 

Traditional expectations do not apply to this position. We are seeking a generalist, who prefers to work outside of the “box”. Creating and evolving a new way of leading, supporting and energizing our associates in taking care of our guests and each other.

Experience in a leadership role in hospitality is an advantage as is post-secondary education in a related field.

Natural Talents:

Talent is what makes you stand out in the crowd. It does not make you better than the next person, just unique. We all have our personal talents; traits that make us each valuable and distinct.

Do some of these statements sound familiar to you:

-    The catalyst – optimism prevails – the glass is half full, whatever the situation or opportunity.

-    Balance is important – cherished – cared for and rewarding. Knowing ones limits in balance with what needs to be accomplished, motivates you.

-   People are exciting - and you seek them out. You are known for your empathy, your innate ability to hear what a person is saying which is deeper than simply listening to the words.

-  The bigger picture – action / being active is exciting and being busy getting things done makes you happy. At the same time, you know solving the actual cause of a situation is where the energy must be spent and achievements made to truly move forward.

-  How you track what needs to be done - is important to you, at work and n your personal life. You have a system, whatever it is. You feel that structure gives you the ability to act / react and stay in control.

- To take a risk - is to feel the uncertainty, the nervous tension, and that in itself is exciting. What you are certain of, is that you have to do something and you never shy away from an opportunity to take action. You evaluate a risk by calculating the activity against the outcome. Does the outcome address the pillars of your environment, your stakeholders?

- Creativity – adaptive or innovative? They both have advantages. You have concrete examples of both.

- Conflict - for you is seen as a pre-condition to awakening creative insights, not as an obstacle or a barrier. You are known for turning traditional disagreements into positives – dare we suggest WIN/WIN/WIN outcomes?

- Every place has its “thing” - and every “thing” has its place – means something to you.

- Perspective and reflection - allows for balanced decisions, effective decisions, and great decisions.

-  You are proud - of your personal power and understand its role and place in whatever position you have.

- Information is power - sharing information freely with others gives them the power/the support they need to “act” - to - “respond” in the best possible way to whatever they are facing, no matter their role.

-   Values and principles - your guiding compass, is what makes others trust you and have confidence in you. Your integrity is a powerful talent.

-   Confidence – lets you tackle anything – try anything – maybe even this opportunity.

Helpful Skills:

Specialization in our industry is often valued above all. We too recognize the value of skills that have developed over time. At the same time we value and seek a variety of experiences in different disciplines and settings.

Are these skills part of your background?

-   Expense management – meaning the actual responsibility for identifying - controlling – altering – planning operational costs and expenditures, AND being held accountable for them.

-   People planning – the proven ability to use many variables in defining the actual needs and peak scheduling of our most valuable assets, in the end making smart investments.

-  Technology - Industry related or other software applications and devices are for you, all the same. Same tasks, same functions, same outcomes; just a different package, a different language. Technology is a friend used/capitalized on to help you achieve your end results.

- Planning - has its place and helps a great deal. “The best laid plans of mice and men …often go awry”. Yet for you that’s why plans help and you can demonstrate that.

-  Energy and effort - are resources to be cared for. Doing things correctly the first time and following up to ensure the actions taken are working, make you effective and efficient.

- Development - “Repetition enhances learning ….” and the functions, tasks, skills you have mastered come from an acceptance that learning is every day; that doing something over and over  is not just routine – it is an opportunity.

-   Service - from the guest’s first impression of our offering at the main door to the final sincere farewell, how you view and react in the many interactions you have with guests has become your “trademark”, a reflection of who you are and how you are seen / perceived by others.

-   Quality – and detailing is not a nice to do. It is a need to do. You know your stuff and keep refining the services offered.

There are other tasks and behaviours that are still part of our day to day. The most fundamental is the responsibility for the promotion and marketing of our offering. We are all part of the sales process.

As well as reports and analysis of results; meetings and training; administration and planning; the application of cleaning protocols and safe work practices; inventory controls and purchasing to name but a few, there is a lot to juggle in a day.

Our hotel is a reflection of who we are and why people see us as a great place to be able to contribute and for our guests as “THE” place to stay in the airport vicinity.

If what you have read has piqued your interest, let us know. 



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Guest Services Leader at Hôtel Sheraton Montréal Aéroport

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