Guest Experience Supervisor

Ayer's Cliff, QC

Start date As soon as possible

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Full-time Categories Hospitality, Tourism

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

It is the responsibility of the Guest Experience Supervisor to assist in the efficient operation of the front office department. Consistent with the Vision of the Director of Guest experience and hotel, the Guest Experience Supervisor, supervises, directs and trains the Front Office staff. He/she is also responsible for the well-being and satisfaction of the guests from their arrival to their departure, and has the genuine passion, dedication and vision to inspire our employees in providing emotional, memorable service to our guests.



·         Supervises all day-to-day tasks of the reception to ensure that high standards are met

·         Acts as a trusted ambassador for the hotel, leading by example

·         Oversees the proper handling of cashier floats, auditing procedures and maintaining credit    policies at the front office.

·         Controls walk-ins, room pick-ups, stay overs, out of order rooms and rate variances

·         Assists with booking management

·         Performs the duties of a senior receptionist

·         Makes daily notations in the Manager's log book and follows up as required

·         Makes innovation recommendations for operational improvement and implements

·         Liaises with the Housekeeping and Maintenance departments to ensure the efficient operation of room sales

·         Ensures that staff are properly groomed and attired, including proper and complete uniforms

·         Responds to guest problems and complaints in a courteous, prompt and professional manner

·         Helps to ensure that working relationships are amiable and professional, in order to present and maintain a positive image for the hotel

·         Is fully prepared for fire alarms, bomb threat procedures and other safety requirements including the providing of emergency medical assistance. Ensures front office staff is adequately trained in these procedures. Is familiar with the location of and how to control the supply of water, electricity and gas in an emergency situation.

·         Assists the Director of Guest Experience in responding to guest comments

·         Assistant Director of Guest Experience in overseeing schedule and staffing levels

·         Additional duties as assigned by the Director of Guest Experience.


·         Minimum 2 years experience at the reception of a hotel

·         Knowledge and passion for hospitality

·         Ability to build and nurture relationships with both guests and employees

·         Exceptional communication skills with all levels of the organization. Strong English and French speaking/writing skills is essential

·         Is very hands on and motivates by setting the service example by leading the way we interact with guests

·         Strong, influential leadership skills

·         Proven team building skills

·         Ability to present and conduct briefings and meetings

·         General knowledge of financial reports

·         Appreciates and maintains an effective outlet for stress

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Guest Experience Supervisor at Ripplecove Hotel & Spa

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