Executive Head Housekeeper

Montréal, QC

Start date As soon as possible

Job type

Full-time Category Hospitality

The primary objective of this position is to manage all the employees and their housekeeping activities to maintain a clean, sanitary and orderly for the welfare and security of customers and employees.

The expected outcomes of this position are to maintain cleanliness and especially the hotel security for both clients and employees to establish and maintain control over the quality of work and use the equipment and supplies appropriate to provide an efficient and economical operation.

  • Have complete knowledge of the properties emergency procedures.
  • Manage all activities of the housekeeping staff
  • Be responsible for laundry employees.
  • Establish and maintain a regular cleaning program (maintenance of floors, large household, mattress cleaning, etc.)..
  • Select and procure equipment and supplies suitable for economical and efficient operation of the department.
  • Establish and maintain standards in quality control.
  • Ensure that equipment is properly maintained and in excellent condition.
  • Ensure that the information is transferred correctly between employees and departments.
  • Review reports daily, weekly and monthly (occupation, arrivals, sales, VIP, work, etc.).
  • Make the inspections of public areas and rooms to assess the physical condition of the hotel and recommend repairs, painting and delivery.
  • Delegate and monitor tasks team members, room attendants, supervisors and employees of the laundry.
  • Coordinate specific tasks of supervisors.
  • Learn about the rooms being out of order and which ones can be put in disposal.
  • Complete work orders for maintenance and for technical crew.
  • Ensure that the VIP lists, groups, crews have arrived in a timely manner in order to communicate priorities to employees.
  • Control management for lost and found.
  • Inspect the work of all employees.
  • Make the opening and the closing according to department procedures.
  • Make schedules and ensure employee attendance.
  • Make requisitions and control of the supply and lingerie.
  • Check and ensure proper operation and maintenance of tools.
  • Prepare requisitions
  • Ensure productivity and employees motivation.
  • Control spending department and working hours from employees.
  • Manage department employees including recruitment, training, assessment, scheduling, payroll and list it in line with the company policies.
  • Ensure that job descriptions for supervisors and employees are in perfect accord with the standards of the hotel.
  • Ensure that the costs of labor are within the budget.
  • Plan weekly schedules according to the hotel occupancy and sales forecasts.
  • Review and approve lists of employees weekly.
  • Create or approve training manuals.



  • Be able to communicate clearly all information and ideas.
  • Be able to evaluate and choose a situation with many alternatives distinctively and quickly.
  • Be able to work under pressure in stressful situations and be able to manage the priorities.
  • Be tolerant in situations of conflict in the work place and have the capacity to anticipate, prevent and resolve problems when necessary.
  • Be able to assimilate complex information from different sources and consider the information, adjust the information or modify the information despite certain constraints and specific needs.
  • Must have the ability for listing, understanding and clarifying information and interrogations coming from colleges or customers.
  • Must have the capacity to understand and work with numbers and financial information along with base of mathematical functions.
  • Have a sense of leadership



  • Knowledge of computer systems management rooms.
  • Minimum of 7 years experience in the hotel industry or a related field
  • A Diploma from a recognized school in the field of hospitality or a related field and 5 or more years of experience
  • A university degree in hospitality or related field and 5 or more years of experience.
  • Experience in a supervisory position is preferred.
  • Bilingual (English, French).

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Executive Head Housekeeper at Hôtel Holiday Inn & Suites Montréal Centre-Ville Ouest

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