Saint-Sauveur, QC

Start date As soon as possible

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Full-time Category Food services
We are looking for a cook to join our team. Responsible and recourceful,  selected candidates must attend their leader in all aspects of work and adapt to all situations.

We are a restaurant where everything is homemade and where we work with fresh and regional products. Our bistro and pub type of cuisine is unpretentious but very tasty. We are looking for talented candidates able to overcome the challenges in a positive atmosphere, where each team member takes his role seriously and raise its responsibilities. We are looking for candidates who love teamwork.

With our current projects, opportunities for advancement are real, we will support and coach you in your evolution.  Our working conditions are good and modern.
-6 months experience in a similar role minimum
-must do all this by working quickly
-impeccable hygien
-easy caracter
-must adapt to all situations and manage stress during peak periods
-the perfection is not of this world, we are looking for candidates with heart, eager to learn and improve
Day, night and weekend job, guaranteed 35 to 40 hours all year long

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