Camp Manager

Rankin Inlet, NU and Baker Lake, NU

Start date As soon as possible

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Full-time Category Hospitality

As a Supervisor for a camp of 600 to 700 people, you have effective communication, time management and organizational skills. The supervisor works a minimum of 12 hours a day and rotates 14 consecutive days of work followed by 14 days off. Transport is by plane from Mirabel and Val d'Or. Supervisors in remote areas must have exemplary adaptability and be multidisciplinary and versatile.

The tasks and responsibilities of the Camp Supervisor include, but are not limited to the following tasks:

  • Work in coordination with mining managers and the Tangmaarvik administrative team;
  • Plan and follow the value and mission of the company, this position is the direct link between the client and Tangmaarvik;
  • Ensure the optimal use of all facilities and maximize the profitability of the camp;
  • Ensure client satisfaction during the provision of the service, manage complaints and deal with them, as appropriate;
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the camp at any time of the day and night. Ex: night break, receipt of goods, arrival of tenant at the camp, etc.;
  • Draw up lists, tables relating to the activities of the camp and classify the various files according to the needs and the nature of the files by ensuring that they are updated;
  • Transcribe, using the computer systems at its disposal, tables, texts and other documents related to the management of the camp;
  • Operate and use the various office equipment at its disposal, such as computer and printer, photocopier, fax machine, calculator, etc.;
  • Maintain the project budget; tracking occupancy, staffing and monitoring expenditures;
  • Perform administrative tasks that include liaison with the client, management of room reservations, preparation of reports;
  • Submit daily, weekly and monthly reports on the state of play; Audit, HACCP, HK report, safety meeting;
  • Manage staff schedule, flight booking, payroll and daily and weekly meetings;
  • Inspect, assess and ensure the cleanliness of the camp;
  • Manage the performance of Tangmaarvik staff and participate in tasks as required;
  • Ensure that maintenance tasks and room cleaning schedule (bedding) are performed in a good order. Light cleaning / deep cleaning;
  • Manage products and services (inventory) and all orders for parts and equipment;
  • Work with the client and other Tangmaarvik workers to ensure that the project goes smoothly.


  • Experience in remote camp management is an asset;
  • Knowledge of hotel management is an asset;
  • Good physical condition;
  • Advanced Food Safety Certification and First Aid Certification;
  • Working knowledge of MS Office;
  • Bilingual.

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