Business Manager, Food and Beverage Contracted Services

Montreal, QC

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Full-time Category Foods

Position Summary:

Serves as Student Housing and Hospitality Service’s ‘point person’ in interacting with all contracted food and beverage service providers, including concessions, vending machines and other retail food and beverage sales. • Observe all aspects of the contract food and beverage providers’ performance in managing the dining hall food programs, retail food locations, concessions and vending machines. • Be vigilant with the operators on quality control practices, customer service standards and customer satisfaction initiatives. • Working under the direction of the Senior Director, Student Housing and Hospitality Services, will assist in the development of a long term plan for contracted food and dining services that supports the strategic goals/objectives of Student Housing and Hospitality Services and McGill University. • Works in collaboration with the Student Housing and Hospitality Services Marketing and Communications team, Finance, and the Executive Chef to market food and beverage services to students, faculty and staff to generate and maximize revenues. • Works in conjunction with Procurement Services to verify regularly that both the University and vendors are in compliance with all contractual obligations. • Responsible for the inventory management of all contracted food and beverage equipment, including dining halls, retail locations, concessions, and vending machines.


Duties and Responsabilities:

1. Residential Dining Program, Retail and Concessions

  • Assess reports on customer/transaction counts for all venues and flag any issues with the food and beverage providers.
  • Responsible for pricing for all contracted food and beverage service providers, including concessions, vending machines and other retail food and beverages.
  • Work with the Student Housing and Hospitality Services Marketing and Communications and Customer Service teams to stay attuned to students’ input on their satisfaction with food and beverage services – through surveys, social media feeds, and committee meetings.
  • Continually develop the contracted residential dining program, retail, vending and concessions and when appropriate, make programmatic changes based on those discussions.
  • Approve menu management for all contracted food and beverage service providers, including concessions, vending machines and other retail food and beverages including seasonal menus, regular use of specials, periodic themed events, vegetarian and vegan offerings, change outs of unpopular items and ample selection of “healthy choices”.
  • Observe contractor’s management team’s direct interface with students in the serving and dining areas.
  • Observe student usage patterns over different days to understand demand and students’ service needs. Periodically observe weekend demand patterns in order to differentiate from weekday demand.

2. Catering

  • Assess reports on contractor’s catering at McGill University- year-to-date billings to McGill University faculties, departments, administrative units and/or user groups, sales by event type (e.g., meeting breaks, receptions, luncheons, Principal-hosted events, etc.), and locations used (buildings, rooms).
  • Stay attuned to catering customers’ input on their satisfaction with events catered by the contractor – through contractor’s post-event satisfaction surveys, committee meetings, and incoming messages to the contractor and Student Housing and Hospitality Services.
  • Approve catering menu management, including use of seasonal menus, options tiered by price point (e.g., upscale, standard, “green” and student/low-cost), vegetarian and vegan offerings, and ample selection of ‘healthy choices’.
  • Observe catering set-ups and room décor prior to event start-up to ensure standards are met and foods/drinks to be served match exactly with the event order.
  • Discreetly observe during events the behavior and customer interaction of servers (and bartenders, if applicable).
  • At the conclusion of buffet luncheons and dinners, observe the quantity of leftover foods. Write documentation, if observed, of a repeating pattern of excessive leftovers. Work actively with the contractor to address this and reduce the volume of unconsumed foods served at catered events.

3. Facilities, Renovations & Inventory Management

  • Assist the contractor with facility or equipment repairs, maintenance or replacements that are the responsibility of the University.
  • Work diligently with the Student Housing and Hospitality Services Facilities team, University Facilities personnel and the contracted food and beverage providers (including concessions and vending machines) toward the prompt, efficient and thorough correction of systems or equipment failures.
  • Assist the Senior Director, Student Housing and Hospitality Services with all contracted food and dining service renovation projects.

4. Health and Safety

  • Oversee all interactions between the University and any private, outside food safety and sanitation service engaged by Student Housing and Hospitality Services.
  • Receive and carefully review all inspection reports on McGill Food and Dining Services facilities and operational practices conducted by outside parties – City of Montreal Health Department and independent third party inspection services.
  • Meet promptly with the contractor’s General Manager upon receipt of inspection reports showing unsatisfactory or ‘critical status’ ratings to identify a corrective action plan for the contractor. Follow-up with the General Manager following action steps taken by the contractor’s staff to ensure corrections are made in procedures, practices and/or staff training.
  • Conduct ongoing visual inspections of all foodservice facilities managed by the contractor, including storage areas (dry, refrigerated and frozen foods and non-food supplies), kitchen and food preparation areas, washing, serving stations/counters, and customer circulation areas. Evaluate visibly unsanitary conditions and report these in writing to the contractor’s General Manager.


  • Work collaboratively with the Student Housing and Hospitality Services Finance Team to prepare and monitor an annual operating budget for Contracted Food and Beverage Services.
  • Work in collaboration with the Student Housing and Hospitality Services Protection Services team to develop and implement contingency plans for Emergency Planning or any other emergency responses for the department and contractors.
  • Participates in new product evaluations and ensures that trends meet the needs of the clients.

Education and Experience:

Undergraduate degree

Three (3) years' related experience



Five (5) years' related experience

Other Qualifying Skills and Abilities:

Bachelor’s degree in business, Hospitality Management or related field preferred. Five (5) years' related experience in food and beverage contract management, retail and/or residential multi-unit dining operations an asset. Supervisory experience. Fully bilingual (French and English) both verbal and written. Experience implementing a large-scale system in a complex operating environment. Ability to read and understand financial reports. Able to assess financial and operational performance. Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel). Knowledge in culinary operations, food preparation and presentation methods and food services equipment. Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning and resource allocation. Able to review and evaluate operating procedures and recommend improvements. Experience in project management and development of policies and procedures. MAPAQ certification or equivalent required. Strong analytical and reasoning skills. Effective communication skills, including giving presentations and training. Autonomous, strong attention to detail and highly organized. Personal qualities of integrity and credibility. Able to build a strong customer service culture. Able to deal with stressful situations while maintaining composure

Additional Information:

Flexible schedule, available to work during the evening, weekends and holidays when required. Long hours could be required during student move-in week and peak periods during the calendar year.

Student Housing & Hospitality Services
Salary Range: 
(Grade 04) $50,800- $63,500 (midpoint) - $82,600
Two (2) years
Reporting to: 
Senior Director

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Business Manager, Food and Beverage Contracted Services at Université McGill

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